About the Brazilian Terrier

The Brazilian Terrier is a beloved breed in its home country. Although the breedís origins have been traced back to the turn of the 20th century, the ancestors of the breed may actually date back to the Portuguese explorers who brought terrier-type dogs on their ships to control mice and rats. The Brazilian Terrier today is a keen and intelligent breed that makes a loving and loyal companion. They are playful and good with other dogs and children. In Brazil, they can often be seen cavorting with the Fila Brasileiro, a large mastiff-type guard dog that is also native to Brazil. The Brazilian Terrier is quick to alert its owners of intruders but is considered to be a quiet, well mannered, yet active breed. For more information on characteristics of the breed, see the breed standard.

The athleticism and intelligence of Brazilian Terriers make them suitable for a variety of activities. The American Rare Breed Association is the go-to source if you are interested in showing your dog in conformation. If you are interested in agility, obedience or therapy training, contact your local dog club, veterinarian, or trainer for information on how to get involved. Whether you seek a loving fellow couch potato or a competitive partner, the Brazilian Terrier can meet your needs as a dog owner. When choosing a puppy it is paramount that you share your interests so that the breeder can select the right puppy for you.